Match Up by MXM
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album: 157 x 219 mm
Photobook: 80 pages
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Match Up
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by peachybaby at (Lightly edited.)

I'm so proud of my boys for this comeback. I love it so so much. It's a wonderful album and I'm sure you all will love it!

 1. Diamond Girl

So our lovely duo is back and better than before! Personally I think this song is a huge step up from "I'm the One" and that song was really good. I appreciate the fact that these boys tried out a completely different style compared to their debut. Instead of going with an EDM sound they switch things up and experiment with a bit of a retro inspired funky beat with some excellent bass and nice brass sections I must say. The song is smooth, cool, and slick. It's exciting and full of jumpiness with a twist of funk to truly reflect their feelings for this girl. This song is ecstatic, catchy, and of course fun.

 2. Errday

This song surprised me a lot. In the beginning I thought it would be some sort of ballad but it changed pretty quickly. It's a very cute kind of song with very sweet and adorable vocals. Even the rap feels cutesy to me. The style of it is very unique and quite experimental for them. I really enjoyed the small effects they used with percussion to give the song more of a flare.

 3. Perfectly Perfect

As soon as this song started it reminded me a lot of Kpop from a few years back. The whole sound and vibe of it sounds very similar and I loved that time in Kpop so I already love this song. The rap section that started off the song was excellent. Youngmin's flow is just fantastic. His voice sounds great and the rhythm he maintains makes the song so much more interesting to listen to.

 4. Rush on You

Automatically we jump right back into some EDM similar to their first mini-album. This isn't like an exact copy as I can see they've added some new elements on top of their original sound to make it different which is nice. It isn't as hard hitting as some of their other previous songs as well. It's much more laid-back and just a kind of groove with it kind of song. The vocals are pretty conservative and don't go to any extremes. It's generally pretty soft and easy on the ears all the way through.

 5. Lips

This is the first song of theirs that feels sexy to me. It just sounds very sensual and I am loving it. The huge heavy bass in the background is an amazing touch. It just adds this raw feeling to it like pure emotions of love and maybe even lust because I kinda get that vibe. It feels smooth, funky and just plain sexy. I typically wouldn't see these boys as sexy because they're just so gosh darn cute but after this song I can kinda see it. I'd need more from them like this to know for sure though. I have no complaints for this song I think it's wonderful.