Unmix (언믹스) by MXM
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album 141 x 190 mm
Photobook: 52 pages
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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review from TheKimchiCorner.com. (Lightly edited.)

Each track on the album provided something different that I really enjoyed and stood out among the other recent releases from other artists. Also, look at that album cover...love the aesthetics!

Overall, this was a great first mini-album from MXM, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. Hopefully, some more R&B/hip-hop songs!

 1. “Good Day”

“Good Day” (released back on July 27th as part of a two-track promo release) is a great opener to the album along with a first look at MXM. This song makes me picture being on a first date while driving down the highway with the windows rolled down. It’s a simple but really cute and catchy song.

 2. “I’m The One”

It's one of my favorites on this album. I love the happy and care-free vibe of the chorus and the rap verses are really strong. The techno-y break of the chorus was just what this song needed to put it over the top for me.

 3. “Being Objective”

I really love Donghyun’s smooth vocals in “Being Objective.” The music itself is a really simple and repetitive beat, but the vocals make this song so much more in my opinion.

 4. “Just Come Out”

“Just Come Out” is a more R&B track and was by far my favorite song on the album. Donghyun and Youngmin are both great on this track, and I hope they do more songs like this in the future. I feel like it would set them apart a bit and gain even more popularity. But, that could just be my love of R&B talking.

 5. “Save the Rest”

This one was just okay to me. I kept waiting for the “big break” in the song, but the chorus lacked a little somethin’ somethin’ for me.

 6. “I Just Do”

MXM released “I Just Do” as the second song to go along with “Good Day.” This is such a sweet and lighthearted song and perfect for summer.

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