Myteen Go by Myteen 마이틴
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Myteen Go!
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Chae at (Lightly edited.)

 1. 어마어마하게 (Amazing)

This song starts off with a funky beat and some super smooth vocals from Yuvin! You can sense the hype from the very beginning of the song! It's already super duper catchy. Honestly, Xiheon's vocals in the pre-chorus are the closest thing to heaven I've heard for a while! The chorus pops in with some nice melodies and a super catchy hook. Overall the entire song is art. The falsettos, rapping, and vocals are entirely adorable.

 2. 붕 떠 (Hyper/Float)

This song is highly enjoyable and definitely one of my favorites on the album. It's a more medium-paced song but it's still super enjoyable. The chorus is chill, and I love the lyric, "You make me so fly, you make me so high." It's just super sweet and adorable sounding. They even manage to bring in some chill rapping but still with an amazing flow. May I just add how amazing this group's vocals are. They're unique and this song really brings it out a lot. I can't say much else because I have no complaints with this song!

 3. 이 동네 왜 이래 (You-reka)

The title of this song seems to be a play on words. Replacing "eureka" with "youreka" is pretty good and i get why they did it. This song is super fun and could've been a title track as well because it has that catchy hook and that super fun beat that has me head bopping furiously. The vocals are exceptional and holy moly, the rapping. My heart can't take these children, I cannot. There's something about this song that brings out the crazy fangirl in me, i can't explain. Thumbs up from me!

 4. 꺼내가' 안무 영상 (Take It Out)

This song starts off with a radio sound and a voice singing in English! I repeat, English! This song is definitely more "Coffee Shop" sounding than the rest but that's okay because the falsettos in this are phenomenal. The hook is chill and definitely very catchy. I'm so proud that they have such a variety of music on their debut album, it shows that they're versatile. I don't have much to say about this song because I do enjoy it a lot! The bridge is highly enjoyable and I really love it!

 5. Mr. Misery

This song is giving me some very serious Bee Gees, Michael Jackson vibes in the best possible way! The beat is very very hard and by the title we can tell what this song is about. I am absolutely loving the falsetto in the chorus and the super catchy "lalala" in the chorus. I can't get over the rappers in this group, they're so good and their flow and tones are so amazing​! I can't stress how beautiful this song is! The "Mr. Misery" part is one of my favorites because it's so catchy and it just reminds me of Bruno Mars. The bridge hit me like a snowball. the vocals are just so freaking good!

 6. 19.20

This song starts off with some soft vocals and this super nice beat that really suits the whole vibe. It's more of a mid-tempo song but I am not complaining. Since they come from the same agency as Minzy, I am super impressed with the quality of music that this group has. This song is definitely my favorite on the album. The rapping pops in again and again, they don't disappoint. I can't say how well-balanced this group is because they're just too good. Definitely don't look or sound like rookies. The chorus itself is very difficult but I love it a lot! Like a lot, a lot.

 7. 짜장면 (Day by Day)

This song has a very OST feel. The guitar and vocals are both very soft and I am loving the whole vibe. They repeat "jajangmyeon" and if you're a fan of Korean food, you'll know that that's a black bean noodle dish. I just thought it was cute how they repeated it a lot! The rapping pops up again and can I just say how freaking good it is. The vocals are absolutely just as good as they have the perfect balance of sweetness and strength. The chorus is very soothing and definitely sounds like something from a drama like "Another Miss Oh" perhaps. This is definitely good if you're a fan of mid-tempo songs!