The First by The Boyz 더보이즈
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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The First
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Eric R. Wirsing at (Lightly edited.)

 1. Intro

"Intro" is a little pop snippet, complete with a drum machine.

 2. Boy

Once "Boy" cues up, you can hear what "Intro" borrowed from it. Truth be told, I was a little underwhelmed here. The chorus was okay, but this particular tune did not stand out.

 3. Walkin' in Time

"Walkin' in Time" is the ballad of the EP. There are some techno flourishes and a slightly different bongo beat to keep things interesting. The vocals are tender and heartfelt, without being overwrought. I rather like it.

 4. Got It

"Got It" is an R&B piece. It's here where they feel the most comfortable. And I like the techno influences.

 5. I'm Your Boy

The funky "I'm Your Boy" is an R&B jam. The chorus is given over to falsetto, and there are some nice rap parts and synth stabs. It's a pastiche of 70s era soul, and they do a nice job of emulation, with some distinctly modern touches.