Put 'Em Up by B.A.P. 비에이피
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Put 'Em Up
Single / Physical / Digital

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Review by J.Ventinilla at MACGMagazine.com. (Lightly edited.)

B.A.P once again is able to deliver a solid album, one that fans (old and new) will truly appreciate. With a mix of upbeat and mellow, this album is worth adding to the music library. B.A.P’s Put ‘Em Up definitely encourages action with the exciting and cheery songs while giving giving a song to slow down and enjoy at the end. It is clear that B.A.P is here to continue on with releasing music and show their ability to cover a large range of sounds.

 1. Do What I Feel

Right from the beginning, the intro of the song makes listeners and fans feel as if they are are in a festival filled with bright lights and dancing around, having fun. The track then leads into an EDM-type instrumental. The track is very fun and upbeat, similar to “Carnival” from their Carnival album. Just from the instrumentals alone, it encourages listeners to let loose and do exactly what they feel. True to the concept of the album, this song is perfect for the summer season and one to add to that funky and upbeat music playlist.

 2. That`s My Jam

Another EDM-type track that will have listeners and fans jumping up and dancing around just like B.A.P does in the music video. One of the most impressive parts of this song is how member Jongup hits high notes that showcase his growth as a vocalist and show his ability to sing. The song is also fun and reminiscent of their past songs, “Feel So Good” and “Stop It.” There is an element of freshness that the song gives and like their first track from this album, “Do What I Feel,” it is perfectly suited for the summer.

 3. What More Can I Say

The only slower track from the single album with an R&B feel, and a song that fans and listeners will once again enjoy. This track demonstrates that B.A.P can hit a diverse style of music. Though the first tracks are upbeat and fast, this track balances out the rest of the mini-album with its smooth and slow instrumentals and vocals. The youngest member from B.A.P, Zelo, sings on the track. There is also a sense of nostalgia, similar to music released in the early 2000’s, and this track also showcases the B.A.P members' vocal abilities. Overall, such a sweet track to listen to.