Carnival by B.A.P. 비에이피
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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Jazmine at (Lightly edited.)

Dress up in your colorful clothes, put on your funky sunglasses, and prepare to have fun as B.A.P takes us on a trip to the carnival. The six members of B.A.P are now taking on a new music style that’s more vibrant and cheerful with their latest album, Carnival. B.A.P is back with a fresh new start. So come on and let’s go to the carnival!

 1. Today

Today‘s grand orchestral arrangement and dramatic beats start off the album. The fast rhythm is an energy booster that really sets the fun mood to come in the rest of the tracks. There are also nice subdued moments where Daehyun’s voice becomes the main star of this intro to Carnival.

 2. Carnival

The high energy continues with "Carnival." Composed with a jazzy feel to it, this melody is the type that you’d usually hear in a festival. With a lively atmosphere and a beat that mimics clapping, this is the song that will make you get up and jump along.

 3. Feel So Good

"Feel So Good" has a groovy retro feel, using funky guitar riffs and finger snaps layered over a beat that you can clap to. During verses, the thick bass guitar contrasts nicely with the enjoyable voices of B.A.P.

 4. Go

Playful flute sounds catch your attention right away, and then the funky beat drops and hooks you further. "Go" continues the upbeat party with house music rhythms, creating a really fun vibe that’s highlighted even more by the boys’ falsettos and chanting. This song makes me want to go have fun and forget all about my problems.

 5. Albatross

"Albatross" is a British pop song with cool distorted guitar riffs and cheering vocals. It’s definitely a song that everyone would want to dance to, and could be the perfect background song during summer vacation.

 6. My Girl

After a tiring but fun day in the carnival and a parade of upbeat songs, "My Girl" ends the album as a mid-tempo, easy-listening modern rock song with a light beat, acoustic guitar, and a bit of soft synths. "My Girl" is a relaxing track that’s a great way to unwind after the high energy tracks before it. What I love most about this song is the bridge part with claps, light acoustic strumming, and the calming “na nas” of B.A.P.