Matrix by B.A.P. 비에이피
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Angela at (Lightly edited.)

The best, absolute, perfect boys of B.A.P finally make a comeback after a long hiatus of one year and nine months. Since they're known for their tough image and often aggressive yet catchy music style, I was curious to see what B.A.P would bring with them this time. While Matrix is still distinctively B.A.P.’s charmingly rugged color, the boys surprised and impressed me with more genre explorations and emotional range in this album.

 1. Take You There

Matrix’s opener, "Take You There," is definitively attention-grabbing with lighthearted synths, frisky swing rhythms, and a hooky melody that anyone can sing along to. The bouncy drum beats and B.A.P’s cheery vocals dub this mid-tempo dance pop song an immediate mood lifter.

 2. Monologue

To my surprise, "Monologue" brings a rather unexpected change in mood from "Take You There." It starts with ominous violin riffs accompanying a dramatic narration. Then, it transitions to a full blast of electric guitars, pounding drums, and edgy rap that expresses the boys’ fierce attitude towards life.

 3. Young, Wild & Free

"Monologue" is really an appetizer before the main course, "Young, Wild & Free," which has the same metal guitar riffs, strong beats, and intense emotions. Though grungy punk rock is not super common in B.A.P.’s discography, the boys manage to make a lasting impression with vocals that match the music in power.

 4. Be Happy

Back to the lighthearted side of things, "Be Happy" is as merry as its title suggests. With a range of funky jingles, brass trumpets, and big band flavor, this retro soul track easily puts you in a bright mood.

 5. Blind

"Blind" is a mid-tempo hip-hop ballad fusion number with a super catchy melody that’s quite pleasing to the ears. Deep rock guitar and bass sounds join hands with sharp beats and dreamy synths to create a unique harmony between love and pain. "Blind" is also the track that showcases B.A.P’s vocals the most and a great, emotional way to end Matrix.