The First by NCT 엔시티
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The First (single)
Single / Digital

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Review from Afeef at (Lightly edited.)

NCT Dream was truly the surprise rookie group of 2016, with the average age of the members being only 16! Despite being incredibly young, NCT Dream proves that they are a promising, talented act with their first ever album The First. Overall, The First is filled with innocent and jolly tracks that will make your day with their cuteness.

 1. My First and Last

"My First and Last" is an energetic and catchy pop ditty that shows how cute these young boys can possibly be. Their high-pitched sweet singing and the low-pitched booming beat is an improbable but appealing combination, and I believe that’s why the song is so memorable.

 3. Dunkshot

"Dunk Shot" is a harmonious rock number, an unlikely duo, but NCT Dream is able to tackle the concept effortlessly. This song will kindle a desire to dance and sing along, and the rock base of this track, something that is so surprising coming from a rookie group, will allure you for the time to come.

 4. Chewing Gum

"Chewing Gum" is on a whole new level of smart, being a tune that will stick persistently in your brain, just like chewing gum would. What makes "Chewing Gum" so smart in terms of production is that it has a chorus that makes you fall in a trance, as well as chant “chewing gum” for who knows how long. The assortment of quirky sounds that form this bubblegum pop soundtrack will pull you in for a happy dreamy ride.