Limitless by NCT 엔시티
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Limitless (NCT 127 EP)
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Jara Rowe at (Lightly edited.)

NCT 127 is back with their second mini-album, NCT#127 Limitless. Not only did the group give music listeners great music, but they also added two additional members, taking the roster from seven to nine total. NCT#127 Limitless is packed full of genres ranging from EDM and neo-soul to acoustic but stays true to NCT 127’s urban slant. Members Taeyong and Mark even participated in writing lyrics for multiple songs. See for yourself how solid this album truly is.

 1. Limitless

"Limitless" is an extremely addictive and sonorous urban trap song that starts with a hooking drum beat. This thumping track features a unique rap flow with plenty of electric sounds. "Limitless" smooths out a bit in the chorus with piano complementing the vocals quite well.

 2. Good Thing

With jazzy horns and bouncy keyboard notes, NCT 127 keeps the tempo up with "Good Thing." Intense bass is added to amplify the horns but doesn’t overpower the lovely vocals. "Good Thing" is a fun club track that has an undeniable sensual vibe. This track has a lot to offer and does a great job of showcasing the group’s strengths.

 3. Back 2 U

The vocal range of NCT 127 is on full display in "Back 2 U." The airy and echo-filled vocals thread throughout this semi-dark, futuristic, and hollow-sounding neo-soul number. "Back 2 U" allows for the group to mellow out and focus more on emotional delivery, where they did not disappoint.

 4. Heartbreaker

"Heartbreaker" is a modern synthpop track. There are colorful synth washes setting a dynamic background for the boys’ unique vocals to soar. The chorus in "Heartbreaker" is catchy and makes it easy for people to follow along.

 5. Baby Don't Like It

"Baby Don’t Like It" is the most R&B influenced track in this mini-album. Thanks to the 808 bass, the track has a light hip-hop feel as well. "Baby Don’t Like It" is a whimsical track that lets the vocalists and rappers shine equally. This uncomplicated number is good to listen to on a chill day.

 6. Angel

NCT#127 Limitless ends with an interestingly stripped down acoustic track. "Angel" is a charming mid-tempo tune that relies heavily on a raw and edgy acoustic guitar. It’s nice to hear the rappers showing a softer side that blends well with the vocals. "Angel" shows how NCT 127 can easily handle diverging genres.