NCT #127 by NCT 엔시티
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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NCT #127
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album review from  (Lightly edited.)

NCT 127, the second sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s new boy group NCT (Neo Cultural Technology), has finally made its debut!

 1. 소방차 (Fire Truck)

Like NCT U’s debut track "The 7th Sense," NCT 127’s newly released "소방차 (Fire Truck)" is a fusion genre dance track, fusing hip-hop and trap together in one track.

 2. Once Again (여름 방학)

After presenting their strong and manly side, the seven NCT 127 members transform into cute little boys giving out all their aegyo! "Once Again (여름 방학)" is a dance pop track with retro sounds. Along with the catchy track and the members’ harmonized sweet vocals, the song aims to tell a love story between a man and woman who reunited at the beach during their summer vacation. Make sure you listen to this song throughout your summer, and if you have a lover definitely enjoy the music with him/her!

 3. Wake Up

"Wake Up!" "Wake Up!" NCT 127 has arrived with their newest electronic pop track "Wake Up" in 2016! This electronic pop track has a dreamlike and mystery atmosphere aiming to express the hopes and dreams the boys have to wake up the world with their distinct and unique music!

 4. Another World

"Another World" is another fusion genre track by NCT 127. This time the track mixes the genres pop, future, and urban together, giving the track a fresh and unique feel. Through the synth sound and the rhythmic drums, the track aims to build up an extraordinary atmosphere for music listeners.

 5. Paradise

"Paradise" is a medium tempo urban pop track bringing out the message that "the place that I would like to spend time with you is a Heaven-like island which consists of blue seas." Singing from their hearts, the seven NCT 127 members would like to gift this track to their amazing fans who supported them not only when they were trainees but also now as members of NCT!

 6. Mad City

"Mad City" is a hip-hop track that Taeyong and Mark presented when they were SM Rookies in the past. Now that they have debuted, the song is also released so that fans can enjoy their music as well as the chemistry between the two NCT rappers!

 7. Switch

"Switch" is another fusion track which blends in the tropical house genre into the electric pop dance genre. This track aims to express the message of hope as well as the future commitments of the NCT members. Through "Switch," the NCT members hope that their fans can reminisce about the times when they were trainees, looking back at their activities and performances from when they were SM Rookies.