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  Active: 4 years 1 month

  Gender: Female

  of Members: 6


  Laboum Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Yujeong 유정 Kim Yujeong Leader, Vocal 26 161 cm or 5'3½" Aquarius Monkey B
Soyeon 소연 Jung Soyeon Vocal 24 161 cm or 5'3½" Taurus Dog A
ZN 지엔 Bae Jinye Dancer, Rapper 24 169 cm or 5'6½" Gemini Dog A
Haein 해인 Yeom Haein Dancer 23 162 cm or 5'4" Taurus Pig B
Solbin 솔빈 Ahn Solbin Vocal 21 169 cm or 5'6½" Leo Ox A
Yulhee 율희 Kim Yulhee Dancer, Rapper 20 166 cm or 5'5½" Sagittarius Ox O
  About Laboum 라붐  

Laboum 라붐 is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under NH Media and Nega Network's joint venture Global H Media. Their name is taken from the French film La Boum.

2014: Debut

In August 2014, NH Media and Nega Network announced the upcoming debut of the girl group Laboum, which had been training for four years. The group was touted as a sister group to NH Media's U-Kiss and Nega Network's Brown Eyed Girls.

Laboum released their debut EP Petit Macaron on August 28, 2014, following the release of their music video for title track "Pit-A-Pat" the day before. The song was written by Seo Jieum, known for hits such as f(x)'s "Electric Shock" and TaeTiSeo's "Twinkle," and was composed by Jung Jaeyeob.

On October 24, Laboum announced that they would come back with Petit Macaron Data Pack, a Petit Macaron re-release with extra digital content, and a reworking of the track "What About You?" On October 31, the group held a comeback performance on "Music Bank" and released the song's music video, which featured a clockwork doll theme. Petit Macaron Data Pack was released on November 3.


In late February 2015, ZN was cast to star opposite U-Kiss' Kevin in the two "Milky Love" episodes of the omnibus web drama "About Love." Both episodes were released on March 2 on Naver TV Cast.

On March 16, Laboum announced that they would come back with a more mature yet refreshing concept in "Sugar Sugar," which would feature a slumber party theme. The single, its accompanying EP, and music video were released on August 14. Yujeong was a guest on a May episode of the popular radio program "Kiss the Radio," hosted by Super Junior.

In June, Solbin was cast in the variety series "Her Secret Weapon." The show focused on lesser-known girl group members and ranked them based on their performance in certain tasks that highlight the qualities female idols need to generate loyal fans. Out of ten contestants, Solbin tied with Berry Good's Taeha for sixth place.

On November 26, 2015, Laboum uploaded a music video teaser for the comeback single "Aalow Aalow" to the group's official YouTube channel. The video was released on December 1 and featured an elegant, funky retro style. On December 4, Laboum held a comeback stage for "Aalow Aalow" on "Music Bank." The EP was officially released on December 6.


On February 15, 2016, Laboum launched a campaign to fund their upcoming music video on the crowdfunding platform Makestar. Among other rewards, the group offered an "Honorary Producer" title in the music video credits to those who donated over a certain amount. The campaign reached its goal of $8,261 in just four hours.

The Makestar campaign ultimately raised $27,832, 336.9% of its original goal. Laboum released the music video for "Journey to Atlantis" and its accompanying EP Fresh Adventure on April 6, 2016.

On August 9, 2016, Laboum began teasing an upcoming comeback. After much anticipation they released the music video for "Shooting Love" and its accompanying EP Love Sign on August 23, 2016.


  • The age gap between the oldest member, Yujeong, and the maknae, Yulhee, is 5 years, 9 months, and 13 days.
  • Soyeon and Haein were both born in May under the zodiac sign Taurus.
  • Soyeon and ZN were both born in the Year of the Dog.
  • Solbin and Yulhee were both born in the Year of the Ox.
  • The tallest members, ZN and Solbin, are both 169 cm or 5'6½" tall.
  • The shortest members, Yujeong and Soyeon, are both 161 cm or 5'3½" tall.
  • The height difference between the tallest members, ZN and Solbin, and the shortest members, Yujeong and Soyeon, is 8 cm.
  • Yujeong and Haein both have the blood type B.
  • Soyeon, ZN, and Solbin are all blood type A.
  • ZN, Haein, Solbin, and Yulhee are all from Gyeonggi-do.
  • ZN, Haein, and Yulhee are from Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.