Jun  ()
Jun (A.C.E.)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Jun


  Position: Leader

  Tag Category: A.C.E.

  Debut Age: 23

  Agency: Beat Interactive


  Active for 1 year

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Park Junhee

  Hangul: 박준희


  Age: 24 years old

  Year of the: Dog

  Star Sign: Gemini

  Blood Type O

  Gender: Male

  Height: 175 cm or 5'9"

  About Jun  준

Park Junhee 박준희 is the leader, lead vocal, and lead dancer of A.C.E.

Jun was born on June 02, 1994, in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do.

He’s a Gemini and he was born in the Year of the Dog.  He’s 175 cm or 5'9" tall.  Jun and Chan’s blood type is O.

He has two older sisters.  His other sister passed away.

In middle school, he saw Rain’s “Rainism” and was inspired to become a singer himself.  He found a music academy and began to study.  At age 19, he moved to Seoul to pursue a career in music.  He became a Jellyfish trainee.  Along with fellow member Wow, he danced to Pentatonix’s “Sing” with Lia Kim’s choreography.  He acted in Peste with Boyfriend’s Jeongmin.  He had cameos in “I Need Romance 3” and in the second episode of “Meloholic.”  He competed in the seventh episode of the fourth season of “I Can See Your Voice,” where he had the nickname of “Suncheon’s Kangta.”  Along with Donghun and Wow, he appeared as a member of the fake idol group Impact in the drama “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra.”  He competed on the idol rebooting show “The Unit.”

According to the other A.C.E. members, he’s the least funny in the group.  He agrees!

He plays the guitar and piano.  His closest celebrity friend is the actor Kim Minjae.

His favorite colors are blue and red.  His favorite anime is “Attack on Titan.”  He likes strawberry yogurt.  He likes soccer.

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