Karin  (Elris 엘리스)
Karin (Elris)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Karin

  Hangul 카린

  Position: Vocal

  Position: Maknae

  Tag Category: Elris

  Debut Age: 15

  Agency: Hunus Ent.


  Active for 1 year

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Min Karin

  Hangul: 민카린


  Age: 16 years old

  Year of the: Snake

  Star Sign: Capricorn

  Gender: Female

  Height: 166 cm or 5'5½"

  About Karin  카린

Min Karin 민카린 is the lead vocal and maknae of Elris.

Karin was born on January 5, 2002.

She’s a Capricorn and she was born in the Year of the Snake.

Her Elris symbol is “forest.”

She competed on “Kpop Star 6.”  She appeared in Super Junior’s Yesung’s music video for “Paper Umbrella.”  She used to host a variety show for teenagers on an educational broadcasting station.

Of all of the Elris members, she eats the most.  She drinks one liter of milk each day.  She loves chicken and wants to film a chicken commercial.

She can do impressions of Mr. Crab from “Spongebob” and Doraemon.

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