Elris 엘리스
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  Active: 2 years 4 months

  Gender: Female

  of Members: 5


  Elris Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Bella 벨라 Choi Yoona Leader, Rapper 20 165 cm or 5'5" Aquarius Tiger AB
Hyeseong 혜성 Yang Hyeseong Vocal 20 164 cm or 5'4½" Libra Hare B
Yukyung 유경 Lee Yukyung Dancer 19 160 cm or 5'3" Scorpio Hare
Sohee 소희 Kim Sohee Vocal, Visual 19 166 cm or 5'5½" Capricorn Hare
Karin 카린 Min Karin Vocal, Maknae 17 166 cm or 5'5½" Capricorn Snake
  About Elris 엘리스  

Elris 엘리스 is a female idol group formed by Hunus Entertainment in 2017. The group consists of five members: Sohee, Yukyung, Bella, Hyeseong, and Karin. They debuted on June 1, 2017 with their first extended play, We, first.

Before debut, Kim Sohee and Min Karin competed on the reality show "K-pop Star 6."

On June 1, 2017, Elris released their first mini-album, We, first, containing five tracks including the title track.

Their second mini-album, Color Crush, was released on September 13, 2017, with the lead single "Pow Pow."

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