Dream Part.02 by Astro 아스트로
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Dream Part.02
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Album Description

Dream Part.02 features the track "Crazy Sexy Cool."  The album is a follow-up to Dream Part.01.

Review by eric_r_wirsing on allkpop.com  

This time around they've drowned their tracks in a controlled falsetto and even messed around with some autotune. It's a slightly different sound than their last release or even ones before that. There are even bolder choruses, as well. It's nice to see a band evolve, even if a little. And here they've put together a few cool songs. I look forward to ASTRO releases just like this one.

"With You"

"With You" starts out as a low-key dance track. But by the time it hits the chorus, it's full-on club banger and is a fun bop. Give me that over low-key any day.

"Crazy Sexy Cool"

"Crazy Sexy Cool" is their title track, starting with an R&B style track. It never really deviates from that, but it gets better with the chorus and gets more of a stomping beat. There are some cool raps in that one too.


"Butterfly" is very much what I consider pure pop. I like the tune because it has some things in common with club-bangers and some definite smoothness to it.


"Run" is the first of two ballads on here, and it more fits the definition of a power ballad. It alternates between soft and epic. The chorus is definitely warm and welcoming.

"Better with You"

The very last track is "Better With You," which is a ballad. It starts out emotional, and it even includes a couple raps, which make it even better.

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