Dark & Wild by BTS 방탄소년단
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•  Album Title: BTS Full Album Vol. 1 - Dark&Wild
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•  Category: BTS
•  Group: BTS 방탄소년단
•  Agency: Big Hit Ent.
•  Duration: 50:50
•  iTunes: iTunes
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•  Total Physical Sales: 187,101
Gaon Chart Peak Ranks
•  Weekly: 2
•  Monthly: 3
•  Year: 14
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•  Dimensions: 177 x 177 x 35 mm
•  Photobook: 100 pages
•  Photocards: 2 Random
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Album Description

Dark & Wild

From Wikipedia

Dark&Wild is the first studio album by BTS. This album was released on August 19, 2014. It contains fourteen tracks, with "Danger" as the title track. The group later promoted "War of Hormone," another track from the album.

 Background and release

On July 30, 2014 Big Hit Entertainment launched a countdown clock on BTS' official website, and on August 5th, they uploaded a comeback trailer on Youtube which featured animations of contrasting scenes. One scene from the trailer featured a forest paradise, and another included black and white abandoned structures accompanied with lyrics from Rap Monster's verse. On August 7, 2014, the company released the first teaser photos, and the concept photo for the new album. BTS also released a B-Side Song titled “Let Me Know” for free streaming which SUGA directed. The company later released the album's track list on the group's official Facebook and Twitter pages. It confirmed that there were 14 tracks, with "Danger" circled in red, indicating that it was the title song. Big Hit Entertainment later released two music video teasers for the title track "Danger." BTS also later released an audio preview of their album on the group's SoundCloud page which features short experts from the tracks that will make up the album with harder hip-hop tracks, R&B sounds and electronica elements interspersed. On October 21, BTS released 19 concept photos of the follow-up song "War of Hormone" through their official Facebook page and Twitter account. The teaser for the remix of "Danger" was then released on November 13 as a result of collaboration with a Thailand singer, Thanh Bùi.

 Music videos

BTS held a press conference and comeback showcase on August 19, 2014 performing "Danger," "War of Hormone," and "Let Me Know." The group later continued with their promotion of the album on various South Korean music programs starting on August 21, while performing the title track "Danger". The follow-up promotion of the album with "War of Hormone" on October 23 started right after the release of its music video on Youtube, in the middle of their concert tour. On October 17th, the group held the first half of BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet concert tour for the promotion of the album at AX-Korea as the first venue and ended on December 20 in Bangkok.


This song is probably not what I would have led with. It frankly doesn't hang together as well as I like; there's no flow. It lurches from one melody to the next, though I like the chorus. The band has pretty good pipes, though. If they'd kept to just one tune it would have been a lot better. As it is, there are some fun moments, and the brass gives it a unique sound, but the song as a whole is a mess. The message is they want her to be their lollipop. 

Commercial performance

Both singles from Dark & Wild charted on the 2014 Billboard World Digital Songs on different weeks. The album debuted at number 2 on Gaon Weekly Chart for the third week of August 2014. The album then peaked at number 3 on the Gaon Monthly Chart for the month of August. The album also ranked at number 3 on World Albums and number 27 on Top Heatseekers. This was the second time BTS sent their album on Billboard and it stayed on the Billboard World Albums Charts for a total of 11 non-consecutive weeks. It also won Album Division at the 29th Golden Disk Awards in 2015. Dark&Wild was the fourteenth bestselling album of South Korea Gaon Album Chart in 2014.