JB  (Got7 갓세븐)
JB (Got7)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: JB

  Hangul 제이비

  Position: Leader

  Position: Vocal

  Tag Category: Got7

  Debut Age: 20

  Agency: JYP Ent.


  Active for 5 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Former Group: JJ Project

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Im Jaebum

  Hangul: 임재범

漢  Hanja: 林在範


  Age: 25 years old

  Year of the: Rooster

  Star Sign: Capricorn

  Blood Type A

  Gender: Male

  Height: 179 cm or 5'10½"

  About JB  제이비

JB 제이비 is the leader and main vocal of Got7.

JB was born Im Jaebum 임재범 on Thursday, January 6, 1994.

He was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster.  He’s a Capricorn and he’s 179 cm or 5'10½" tall.  JB, Mark, and Yugyeom’s blood type is A.

He majored in film at Geonguk University.  He speaks Japanese.  He’s an only child.

He won first place at a JYP Entertainment audition in 2009, tying with Jinyoung.  The two of them debuted as the duo JJ Project in 2012.  They both made their small-screen debut in 2012 through the drama series “Dream High 2.” He also appeared in MBC’s drama “When a Man Falls in Love.”  He was on the first season of “The Romantic & Idol.”

JB’s favorite artists are Michael Jackson, India Arie, D’Angelo, and Javier.  His hobbies are b-boying, taking photos, traveling, and eating at restaurants.  His favorite food is budae jjigae (sausage stew or Army stew), especially sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew).

He used to share a dorm room with Youngjae, then with Jackson.  He sometimes comes across as cold or tough to strangers; he’s the member least likely to do aegyo.  He’s sometimes called a grandpa (할아버지) because of his calmness, his placid facial expressions, and his ability to make his voice sound like an old man’s.