With so many idols, so many comebacks, and so much activity, Kpop always has something new for fans to enjoy!  That means that it also always has more for The Kpop Wiki to track and catalog, and we can't keep up!

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  You know your bias better than anyone.  Tell us what we should know!  From small details to major moves, we want to hear it all.

What's your bias’ favorite color?  Which variety shows has he been on?  Which albums has she put out?  Does he have a Twitter account?  Did we get her height wrong?

We want info on debuts, showcases, commercials, dramas, musicals, favorite foods, hometowns, everything you can find!

Please give us a URL with a source, so we can verify everything.  And please give us the name you want to go by, so we can give you credit on the site!

Thanks so much for your help.  The Kpop Wiki, like Kpop itself, is nothing without the fans!


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